Athens & Epidaurus Festival
Open call
Submission of proposals for the 2020 artistic programme

In preparation for the 2020 artistic programme, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival invites artists to submit their proposals from 08/10/2019 to 01/11/2019 at 23:59 (11:59 p.m.). Applications are submitted online only by filling in the electronic form that can be found on the Festival’s website.

The Artistic Direction of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival is especially interested in proposals with a focus on research and an original approach in terms of concept, dramaturgy, aesthetics, methodology and performative techniques.

We encourage artists to submit daring proposals and freely express their artistic vision.

Our goal is to highlight the Athens & Epidaurus Festival as a creative hub for Greek and international artists, enabling them to work on their projects unhindered, expand their relationship with audiences and explore new collaborations.

With that in mind, the present open call marks the first time that the Athens & Epidaurus Festival extends an invitation to Greece-based foreign artists, encouraging them to submit their proposals for new projects, on condition that they incorporate the Greek artistic community. We wish to lay the ground for substantial collaborations and foster dialogue among artists.

Detailed information:

  1. Odeon of Herodes Atticus: Applications accepted for Theatre, Dance, Music and Opera productions.

  2. Peiraios 260: Applications accepted for Theatre, Dance, Music, Performance Art and Interdisciplinary productions, as well as for all types of Installations.

  3. Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus: Applications accepted for Ancient Greek Drama productions, as well as for Dance productions based on myths or ancient Greek literature.

  4. Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus: Applications accepted for music concerts running the gamut from classical to contemporary music. Furthermore, the Artistic Direction encourages collaborations among artists from different music genres.

We are particularly interested in proposals involving partnerships/collaborations with private or public institutions (e.g. university departments, cultural foundations, NGOs etc.), as well as in international collaborations among institutions and/or artists.

By filling in and submitting the form applicants acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

  • Proposed productions should not have already been presented in the Attica region.

  • The submission of a proposal does not in itself guarantee its inclusion in the Athens & Epidaurus Festival programme.

  • The Artistic Direction of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival is not obligated to explain its line of reasoning with regard to rejected proposals.

  • All submitted information is binding. The Artistic Direction of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival reserves the right to re-evaluate a proposal should its main aspects undergo significant changes (e.g. changes in main cast/crew members, the initial concept is considerably changed etc.)

Any questions regarding the submission process should be addressed exclusively to the following email:

The deadline for applications has expired.