Epidaurus for Children

On numerous occasions we had to face a sensitive issue regarding the theatre performances at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus: Many families arrived full of expectations regarding the day’s performance at the theatre without checking if the performance is actually suitable for children and, without knowing, that children under the age of six are not allowed in any of the festival’s performances. At the same time, there are quite a few people who decide not to visit Epidaurus because they don’t have someone to take care of their children.

With all the above in mind, in 2016 the artistic direction of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival and theeducational programmes department launched a pilot programme entitled Creative workshop for children at Epidaurus.

The programme, which was warmly received by both children and their guardians, will continue its run in 2019, for a fourth year in a row.

It is suited for children between the ages of four and twelve and it aims at engaging them in creative activities for the duration of the theatre performance at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus which their guardians will be watching.

The themes of the theatre, movement, music and art workshops will be inspired by the day’s theatre performance and will be divided in categories shaped according to children’s age and knowledge, so that the workshop can act as a communication bridge, where guardians and children can afterwards share and discuss, through their own individual filter, the themes of the day’s performance.