A creative summer activity programme for children, near the ancient theatre of Epidaurus






On numerous occasions we had to face a sensitive issue regarding the theatre performances at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus: Many families arrived full of expectations regarding the day’s performance at the theatre without checking if the performance is actually suitable for children and, without knowing, that children under the age of six are not allowed (for obvious reasons) in any of the festival’s performances. At the same time, there are quite a few people who decide not to visit Epidaurus because they don’t have someone to take care of their children.



With all the above in mind, this year,the artistic direction of the Festival launches a pilot new programme titled: “A creative summer activity programme for children at Epidaurus”.


The program is suited for children between the ages of four and twelve and it aims at engaging them in creative activities for the duration of the theatre performance at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus (the one their guardians are to watch).


The themes of the theatre, movement, music and art labs will be inspired by the day’s theatre performance, and will be divided in categories shaped according to the children’s age and knowledge, so that the lab can act as a communication bridge, where guardians and children can afterwards share and discuss, through their own individual filter, the themes of the day’s performance.


The programme includes: the children’s creative lab, a light snack (one which the legal guardians will bring) and in detail:

7:45 -8:00 pm. Children and their guardians will meet  with the programme’s educators at the school yard of the Ligourio gymnasium and will sort out the children’s personal items(snack, blanket/sleeping bag, pillows for younger children which their guardians will bring over).

8.00- 9.00 pm. Children and educators will gather at the school’s yard. Children will be divided according to age groups, play “meet and greet” games and engage into activities inspired by the archaeological site of the ancient theatre of Epidaurus.

9.00- 9.30 p.m.  Snack time and settling down indoors (ie. Indoor basketball hall, auditorium, dance studio at the ground level of the school)

9.30- 11.00 (approx.) p.m. 

Children will engage in activities connected to the day’s performance at the Epidaurus theatre, with music journeys, visual creations, fairy tales and storytelling, theatre and dance acts. 



Lab dates

29th and 30th of July



Activities related to the play Oedipus Rex under the title “Asclepius a god that was raised in the mountains”.




5th and 6th of August



Activities related to the play Lysistrata  under the title “War and Peace”.


19th and 20th of August



Activities  related to the play “The Birds”  under the title “The city I want to live in”.


* Until the end of the performance.


List of theatre educators, music and arts teachers

- Angeliki Tsakona Theatre practitioner

- Aglaia Tzoka Theatre educator

- Alkistis Vasilakou Theatre educator

- Mary Loumou, Musician

- Giota Dimitropoulou, visual artist

- Michael Ladenis,Musician

- Elena Paparizou -Teacher - Storyteller


Director of educational programmes of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival: Tzortzina Kakoudaki



  • Children are separated in groups of 12 to 15max, according to their age: Thematic activities are shaped according to children’s age and knowledge. The age groups are: 4.5-5 (pre-kindergarten),  5.5-6.5 (kindergarten) 6.5-9 (first grades of elementary school), 9-12 (last grades of elementary school)
  • Guardians will have specific seats at the theatre of Epidaurus and children will have a name tag with all their details throughout the programme.
  • There will be a designated rest area for younger children.
  • Light snacks will be stored at a refrigerator within the premises of the school.


Cost for each child: 5 euros.

Unemployed parents and guardians with more than 3 children: Two for one special, where two children can participate with one ticket.



Please fill this form and a staff member will get in touch as soon as possible. 

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival isn’t responsible for any health issues (illness, allergies, medication etc) during the children’s 

Children attend the programme under their guardians’ responsibility.


The school which will host the programme meets all the security standards that school buildings are expected to meet.