All interested parties are kindly requested to submit their artistic proposals for the 2017 Festival, from 1st of July 2016 to 15th of October 2016 addressed to the Artistic Director.
In accordance to the Festival’s philosophy, there are five distinct categories of application and each artistic proposal can be submitting under only one category:
1. Performances (theatre or dance or music)

2. Cross-artistic collaborative projects on a common theme

3. Proposals for the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Small Theatre of Epidaurus

4. «Opening to the city» (Site-specific and community projects) 

5. Greek theatrical texts by upcoming play writers

For each category of application, the applicants have to complete a form according to the templates hereafter:  1. Performances , 2. Cross-artistic collaborative projects , 3. Proposals for Epidaurus, 4. «Opening to the city» , 5. Playwrights. The required elements (descriptions, CVs, abstracts etc.) have to be sent in a unique document and not as separate attachments. 

Detailed description of the categories of application

1. Performances The proposals involve the creation and/or presentation of a theatre or dance or music performance.

2. Cross-artistic collaborative projects on a common theme Proposals may be submitted either by artists (directors, choreographers, visual artists et. al) or by artistic groups and should involve a number of different art forms and events (performances, exhibitions, concerts on a common theme. It is important to include at least two different art forms and more than one event structured as a unified program. The aim is to promote artistic collaboration and to approach a theme from different perspectives.

3. Proposals for the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Small Theatre of Epidaurus Each year the performances of the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus will be around a selected theme. For 2017 the theme is “the arrival of the outsider” a concept closely related to current controversial issues but also to a re-approachment of the reception of ancient political theatre in today’s international situation. We believe that the notion of ‘outsider’ in ancient texts, in the performances of ancient theatre, but also in the material that the international ‘foreigners’-participants in the Epidaurus Lyceum bring can create an important and vivid dialogue between ancient tragedy, comedy and current times.
In the Small Theatre of Epidaurus, in addition to small productions of ancient drama on the selected theme, will also be presented, in collaboration with the Epidaurus Lyceum, a repertory of works relevant to the Lyceum taught subjects, especially to pre-theatrical forms, customs, circle dances, events of traditional music and arts that have been inspired or have re-examined in several ways the link between ancient drama and cultural origins. 

4. «Opening to the city» (site specific / community projects) Proposals involve site-specific projects in public space (squares, arcades, neighborhood, archeological sites, memorials, museums They may involve different arts (theatre, music, dance, literature, visual arts) and it is a prerequisite to be related and to interact with the city of Athens and its citizens. The projects may involve (indicatively but not exclusively) the history, the collective memory, the character of the urban space, the commercial life of the city In this context, collaborations with several collectives are encouraged: such as researchers, civil movements, immigrant’s solidarity clubs, schools, local communities with artistic activities For such projects, the Festival has already contacted and will collaborate with the Municipality of Athens. The area of activities may be expanded to include Athens’ port, the city of Piraeus, as the Festival will also collaborate with the Piraeus Municipal Theatre. 

5. Greek theatrical texts by upcoming play writers In order to support and enhance writing of Greek theatrical plays, the Festival’s call for applications includes the category of Greek theatrical texts by upcoming play writers. The texts must be submitted by the writers themselves.
The selected writers will participate in a workshop of two months duration (Nov-Dec 2016) with the prospect of commissioning one or two of the texts to a Greek director or theatre company to adapt it for stage presentation which will be included in the programming of the 2017 Festival.


Proposals must be submitted ONLY electronically to the artistic director from 1st of July until the 15th of October 2016 at

IMPORTANT: The title of the email must be ARTISTIC PROPOSAL 2017 (in capital letters)

Proposals for texts already presented in Greece will not be accepted.