The year 2017 will see the launch of a brand-new section, called “Opening to the city.” Audiences will be introduced to artistic projects with an emphasis on the experience of participation and will be encouraged to interact with citizens of Athens. This section also plans to facilitate and/or enable the access of minority groups to the Festival events, while at the same time expanding the very meaning of art and its various functions.
This multifaceted project will be realized across three distinct zones in Athens with the support of the City of Athens and Athens Culture Net. In “City: Myth and History,” site-specific dramaturgies, performances, and other interventions will urge visitors to deeply (re)familiarize themselves with urban space, its memory and myths, through the act of walking and wandering. In “Passion for Poetry and Music,” poetic and musical performances will invite audiences to (re)discover Athens in a contemplative mood, casting a new light on the daily routine of the city. “Extra Muros” will emphasize lived experience and diversity in performances held at non-theatrical spaces.
The section will extend to the city of Piraeus, the port city of Athens, in collaboration with the Piraeus Municipal Theatre, under the artistic direction of Nikos Diamantis, with the collaboration of Nikos Chrysanthopoulos. In the “Bridging Diversities” zone, directors, actors, dancers, visual artists, historians, musicians, and various types of performers will interact with social organizations, groups, and citizens of Piraeus, in an effort to artistically approach and re-imagine participants’ social, economic, age, and educational backgrounds. Built around concepts such as gender and sexuality, ethnic origin, religion, economy, and urban management, this palimpsest of activities will make a strong case for the importance of respect for diversity and social cohesion.