The international summer school of ancient drama, the Epidaurus Lyceum, is an international centre of ancient drama studies and practice, located in the area of ancient Epidaurus, operating annually during the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, which aims at the participation of students and graduates from Theatre Academies, Drama Schools, Performing Arts' Universities, from around the world. It is a collaboration project of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival and the Theatre Studies Department of the University of the Peloponnese.

Its main focus lies on research on ancient theatre (tragedy, comedy, satyric drama) on a practical / experiential level, combining a wide range of approaches, from the most traditional to the most experimental esthetic tendencies, art school principles, methods and interpretations. At the end of every season there will be a presentation of the accomplishments achieved during its research and learning program, shown on special public events that will form part of the Epidaurus Festival artistic program.

More specifically, the Epidaurus Lyceum will offer courses based on Directions, masterclasses, educational visits and other activities that will take place at various venues around the Epidaurus area, such as ancient theatres, archaeological sites, open air spaces and school facilities, that fit the purposes of the Lyceum.

The Epidaurus Lyceum is a project of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival

(Artistic Director: Vangelis Theodoropoulos) in cooperation with the Theatre Studies Department, Faculty of Arts, The University of the Peloponnese (located in Nafplio) (Dean: Prof. Vasso Barboussi).

With the support of:

  • Community of Epidaurus
  • the Region of Peloponnese
  • the 4th Ephorate of Preistoric and Classic Antiquities (Nafplio)