International Summer School on Ancient Drama

Theme (2018): City and the Citizen

CYCLE A: July 2- 16, 2018
CYCLE B: July 18- August 1, 2018

A meeting place for actors, playwrights, directors, musicians, choreographers, artists, as well as theatrologists, anthropologists, musicologists, the Epidaurus Lyceum aims at crafting a space where tradition and innovation, ancient and modern civilization will share a creative coexistence, fueled by two equally important factors – ancient drama and the actor.

From an educational point of view, the Lyceum’s courses will focus on applied research via the exploration of different acting techniques. The curriculum will not just artistically “inform” and familiarize students with directorial approaches to ancient drama but will include courses run by acclaimed teachers and artists creating a platform of experiential learning that will strengthen the research area related to different expressive techniques and tools of stage acting. Visiting scholars will be chosen on the aforementioned basis.

The Epidaurus Lyceum, therefore, aims at:

  • Providing young actors with extra abilities, technical knowledge and acting tools to match a varied spectrum of directorial approaches to ancient drama.
  • Facilitating an environment of coexistence between teachers and actors from different cultural backgrounds, through the process of intercultural communication.
  • Familiarizing young artists with ancient and contemporary Greek civilization.