The institution of sponsorship is dating back to 509 BC and features a valuable legacy of the ancient Greek state. The statutory obligation of wealthier Athenians to financially undertake the expenses of key festive and cultural events of the city of Athens secured a more equal sharing of economic burden and goods between the wealthy and the poor.
In contemporary Greek society and under the current economic conditions, cultural sponsorship is of particular importance as it can effectively assist cultural institutions to implement actions that will preserve and showcase cultural heritage and contemporary artistic creation, with evident benefits for everyone.
The Epidaurus Lyceum can accept donations that aim to support its programme, its various activities and cover students’ tuition fees.
The relevant legislation on cultural sponsorship can be found in the Official Government Gazzette, FIRST ISSUE, Sheet number:16, January 26, 2007, Law no. 3525 (as amended by Article 33 of N3773 / 2009 and Article 11 of N3842 / 2010.)

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