Elisabeth Kouki

Elisabeth Kouki

Elisabeth Kouki lived in Paris for thirty years, during which time she studied psychology and archaeology, and worked as a psychoanalyst. Her research interests include dreaming and its therapeutic qualities in the historical context of classical antiquity, and comparing and contrasting the various psychoanalytic and non-psychoanalytic approaches vis-à-vis dreaming. She has presented her work at conferences in France and Greece.

Kouki has conducted research on the work of Aelius Aristides, a 2nd century orator who suffered from chronic health issues and did research on dream interpretation. Kouki’s essays on Aristides’ autobiographical text Sacred Tales have been published in the edited volumes Psychoanalysis and Greece (Moraitis Foundation, 1984) and Things to Come (Kardamitsa Publications, 1996). Aristides’ text was published in modern Greek as Aelius Aristides. Sacred Tales: Language and Body in an Orator’s Dream (Smili, 2012), with translation, notes, and introduction by Kouki. In 2009, she presented the work of the sophist/dream interpreter Antiphon at the international convention “The Greek origins of psychoanalysis,” held at the Panteion University. Her articles on the topics of Epidaurus dreams and the relationship between dream and psyche have been published in the Archaeology magazine.

The Therapeutic Treatment of Dreams at the Sanctuary of Asklepios in Epidaurus

Who is Asklepios and what was the role of his sanctuary in Epidaurus? How are dreams and the psyche related to each other and how did Aelius Aristides' work add to the understanding of this relationship?

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