Georgina Kakoudaki

Georgina Kakoudaki

Georgina Kakoudaki is a theatre theorist and director. Since 2009 she’s been directing youth theatre performances such as Vivid Film/After the foam (devised), Jack Thorne’s Burying your brother in the pavement, Αristophanes’ The Birds, Shakespeare’s  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Goethe’s Faust, Sophocles’ Antigone, Aristophanes’ The Clouds (October 2016 until today at the Neos Kosmos theatre and high schools in and around Athens). Georgina has also collaborated with over 30 theatre and dance companies as a dramaturg. She’s taught Teaching Theatre at the Theatre Studies Department of the University of Patras, Theatre Puppetry in Kindergarten at the Department of Early Childhood Education in Volos (University of Thessaly) and at the Postgraduate Department of Early Childhood Studies at University of Athens. 
She’s also taught drama and theatre education at the Gerakas arts high school, the Adult Students High School of the Korydallos Prison, numerous public primary schools as well as public sector educational organizations specializing in educating teachers to use theatre techniques at school, the latest being the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees collaboration with the Pan-Hellenic Net for Theatre in Education programme specializing in refugees in Greece.
Georgina has taught film dramaturgy and aesthetics at the AKMI College (2006-2011) and a number of educational organizations for adult education, and is a member of the staff of the Pitching Lab workshop of the International Short Film Festival in Drama. Currently she teaches Theatre History and Dramaturgy at the Athens Conservatoire Drama School and the Praxi Epta drama school. She has led experiential theatre workshops at University and other theatre festivals in Belgium, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Mexico, Great Britain, Ireland etc. She was head of the National Theatre of Greece Library and Archive (1997-2004). She co-wrote the books  Theatre and Theatre in Education (IDEKE 2007) and Paths of Experiential Learning (Kedros publications 2011). Georgina has also written the Arts Schools Students’ Coursebook specializing in Theatre Directing (Institute of Educational Strategy- Ministry of Education/IEP 2015) and Film Directing/Film Aesthetics (IEP 2015) and organized a large number of New Artists festivals alongside a series of organizations and theatres in Greece since 2002.
Since April 2016, she is the co-curator of Educational Programmes and Head of the Lyceum Epidaurus, an intensive workshop for ancient drama, of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

Movies Under the Stars: The Outsider in Ancient Drama as Portrayed in World Cinema

The movement of dramatic and historical time, as it is presented in films based on or inspired by Ancient Greek Tragedy, since cinema’s early days. The presence of the outsider and the imprinting of his/her/its acceptance, inclusion, isolation or aversion through film semiotics.

* For more information regarding the event and the extracts of films shown please press here

Antigone: The Right to Speak

A theatrical, educational workshop exploring the ideals and conflicts in Sophocles’ Antigone that aims to encourage beginners of theatre to find their own voice through techniques such as public speaking, forum theatre practices, rhetorics, ensemble and individual improvisation. The workshop will also examine common approaches to the play, from Lévi-Strauss’ theory of duality to the gender-oriented discussion led by Judith Butler, ultimately enabling us to understand our behaviour and our responsibilities as citizens.