Forced Entertainment Workshop

Workshop title: Line Games

Performance workshop by Cathy Naden

Based in Sheffield, UK, Forced Entertainment consists of six artists engaging in theatre and performance, and touring all around the world. The company met at Exeter University and have been working together since 1984. As a group, they explore and challenge the meaning of theatre and performance in the context of contemporary life, always pushing and often breaking the accepted boundaries and conventions.
The workshop will explore some of the performance and devising strategies they use in their practice: playing with improvisation, live-decision making, rules and instructions to explore the possibilities and pitfalls of the collective creative process.

Cathy Naden is a founding member, performer and deviser of Forced Entertainment. She has taught the company’s methodologies widely in the UK and abroad, including workshops and lectures at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, SAIC in Chicago, and Contact Young People’s Theatre in Manchester. She is also a director and writer and has performed with international companies including Jerome Bel, TG STAN and New York City Players.

June 5th :14:00 - 17:00 / (15 mins break)
Number of participants: 20 (max.)
Participants should be comfortable with the English language (they should be able to understand and improvise in English) and should have some experience in theatre-making and devising.
Interested professionals, students, young artists and members of the wider public can register for this workshop at until June 4th.