Workshop of movement: «Virus|All!» - Kinkaleri


Virus / All!

Workshop of movement, run by Marco Mazzoni

10:00-13:30 / Including a 20-minute break


Free admission, registration at is required, until June 10th.

The “Virus” workshop is organized on the basis of a gestural code, invented by Kinkaleri. Through this code, each letter of the alphabet is translated into movement. Thanks to this process, the body is no longer involved in the formal reproduction of a gesture in an aesthetic sense; rather, gestures are conceived as a “fact” of communicative value. The introduction of alphabet letters as a means of generating movement triggers a gap between speech and movement, effectively changing our perceptions of the latter. Dancers “talk” while simultaneously dancing, conceiving movement as a dynamic flow of gestures in progress. Set in a specific time and place, these gestures can help develop compositional strategies which, in turn, reveal new possibilities of expression. This workshop aims to place the dancing process at the centre of the stage, forming a working group to explore the possibilities inherent in divesting gestures of their significations. Kinkaleri’s code places the dancer in an active context, wherein the gestural alphabet is not mimetic. Instead, this re-contextualization suggests a dynamic, verbal “here and now,” a kind of calligraphy which exposes its formative conditions, thus releasing infinite potentialities of generating movement and redefining the meaning of movement itself. Dance!

Kinkaleri was founded in 1995, with a will to deal with actual ideas and be in charge of all the aspects of their creations. Kinkaleri work in experimental theater, movement research, performances, installations, exhibitions, sound materials their works has been shown both in Italy and abroad, in theatres, contemporary art museums, dance and theatre festivals, galleries. The group is composed by Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco.

Marco Mazzoni, choreographer, performer and visual artist. Since 1995 he is a founding member of the collective Kinkaleri collaborating on all productions.