Athens State Orchestra - Adrian Prabava

A Tribute to Steven Spielberg
In collaboration with the European Film Philharmonic Institute

Live music with simultaneous screening of film clips and photos

Steven Spielberg’s name has been linked to some of our most enjoyable experiences in a movie theatre: who hasn’t had goosebumps while watching Jaws or Schindler’s List? Who hasn’t experienced an adrenaline rush while watching the Indiana Jones movies, Jurassic Park, Gremlins or, more recently, First Man? His movies either as director or producer have also been noted for their memorable movie scores, composed by some of the world’s greatest film composers, including Jerry Goldsmith, Alan Silvestri and above all the great John Williams. The Athens State Orchestra, conducted by the dynamic Indonesian maestro Adrian Prabava, will guide us through the magical world of Spielberg’s films -both his own films and his reminding us some of the most beloved film scores of all time.


John Williams (b. 1932)
“The Shark Theme” from Jaws (1975)
“A Child’s Tale” from The BFG (2015)

Alan Silvestri (b. 1950)
Suite from the Back to the Future Trilogy

Bruce Broughton (b. 1945)
“The Riddle’s Solved” from Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

Justin Hurwitz (b. 1985)
“The Landing” from First Man (2018)

Michael Giacchino (b. 1967)
Music from Super 8 (2011)

Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004)
Suite from Gremlins (1984)


Don Davis (b. 1957)
“Isla Sorna Sailing Situation“ from Jurassic Park III (2001)

John Williams
Themes from Jurassic Park (1993)

John Williams
Two pieces from Schindler’s List (1993)
1) Jewish Town (Krakow Ghetto, Winter ’41)
Soloist: Dimitris Semsis

John Williams
“The Duel” from The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

John Williams
“Sayuri’s Theme” from Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

John Williams
Music from the Indiana Jones saga (1981-2008)
1) Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra
2) Marion’s Theme
3) “A Whirl Through Academe”
4) The Raiders March