Anestis Azas - Prodromos Tsinikoris

Hellas München

Anestis Azas and Prodromos Tsinikoris have become synonymous with documentary theatre in Greece. In 2010, the duo collaborated with Rimini Protokoll for the production Prometheus in Athens. Presented at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the iconic performance put them on the map of European theatre. Subsequently, the artistic duo presented Journey by Train at the Megaron of the Hellenic Railways Organisation (Athens Festival 2011), followed by several performances throughout Greece and Germany, including Clean City (produced by the Onassis Culture Centre), one of the most widely toured theatre productions to come out of Greece in the last 30 years. Since 2015, they serve as artistic co-directors of the Experimental Stage -I of the National Theatre of Greece.
In Hellas München, the duo continues their research on the issue of migration. Focusing on the Greek community in Munich, the performance tackles the ongoing economic and democratic crisis prevalent in Europe, attempting to illustrate the values and rules defining the labour market in today’s globalized society.
A production of Munich’s Kammerspiele, it is scheduled to premiere on 16 March 2018. Interviews with real people and on-site research will contribute to the final text.