Compagnie Pernette

Bal Pernette

For several years now, the Compagnie Pernette have been performing at theatre stages and outdoor spaces, captivating young (and not so young) audiences. The group is distinguished in France for their important artistic contributions, their tours and their educational workshops, encouraging interaction with various types of audiences.

The choreographer and dancer Nathalie Pernette has come up with new forms of group theatre games for all types of audiences, featuring professional and amateur dancers alike.

Bal Pernette, a piece originally designed to be presented in the country, has since been moved to various spaces and assumed several forms, from a feast in the city to a performance in a conventional theatre, invariably having the same benefits and goals: making contemporary dance accessible to everybody, lowering people’s reservations and making people happy. Bal Pernette will take audiences by storm at the Pedion tou Areos, on a significant day no less, June 21st, Fête de la Musique, to the sounds of Polkar, a beloved Greek band.

Entrance through Evelpidon & Moustoxydi