Boris Charmatz


Boris Charmatz, a star of contemporary avantgarde dance, challenges the notion of multiplicity by raising a relatively simple question: is it possible to have physical movement without the use of muscles? Building on his previous research on machines, this new instalment in Chatmatz’s body of work is a choreography of surrendered bodies, employing a controversial material: children; a fragile, malleable yet also uncontrollable material. Adult dancers, to the sounds of a bagpipe musician, carry the children around and place them on the ground, in the process generating a landscape of metamorphosis. Movement is prominent throughout the piece, both in its human and its mechanical form. A huge crane moves the adult dancers around; in turn, they move the children.

Duration 60'

Peiraios 260 (D)

  • 12/07 until 14/07/2018 at 21:00


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Peiraios 260

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