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Bruno Beltrão – Grupo de Rua


Bruno Beltrão, recipient of the prestigious Bessie Award (2010) and his group Grupo de Rua (founded in 1996) are acclaimed dance artists, whose origins can be traced to street dance and hip hop. However, their work is far from being a displacement of street dance onto the stage. Beltrão, whose studies include contemporary dance and philosophy, has seen his works presented at some of the biggest festivals and theatres across the globe. His performances systematically deconstruct the codes and style of hip hop. Grupo de Rua consists of performers hailing from different styles of street dance. The group has developed a physical language exuding strength and a palpable sense of danger. In fact, one could very well say that Grupo de Rua is more than a conventional dance group: they are a means of social emancipation.
In Inoah, Beltrão, in his first ever appearance in Greece, addresses the contemporary political conditions in Brazil, drawing on corruption scandals and raising a critical question: how are we connected to our surroundings and how are we shaped by ideologies and circumstances? On a virtually empty stage, ten dancers establish a relationship between the inner and the outside world, tackling the issues of dialogue, conflict, coexistence and collectivity.

Post-performance talk on 13 June.
Moderated by Steriani Tsintziloni, artistic co-curator of Dance for Athens & Epidaurus Festival