Chloé Moglia


Our lives are constantly hanging by a thread – the thread of time. For Chloé Moglia, hanging in mid-air is a way to live here and now; a way of giving meaning and density to things around us.
Having studied ceramics, trapeze and martial arts, the French performer founded the Rhizome group in 2009. In her performances, she draws on her experiences with martial arts and the trapeze to confront the notion of the void, seeking that special, elusive meaning that is palpable only in silence. Horizon, executed by Moglia herself, is a showstopping, breathtaking performance. A space is condensed into a thin, steel line, asking for our immediate attention. The condition of being suspended in mid-air and hanging on for dear life generates a world of contrasts – above and below, action and rest, the trivial and the tragic. The muscles are revealed in all their vulnerability and strength. A new centre emerges out of the fragments, countering the fragmentation of our daily lives.

Free admission

Two performances per day