George Dalaras – İzmir State Symphony Orchestra – Hakan Şensoy

Smyrna a.k.a. Izmir: A city whose very mention stirs mixed feelings, ranging from pain and sadness due to the destruction of the city in 1922, and the love and sense of pride for this great city, where the parents and grandparents of many Greeks were born and spent part of their lives.

George Dalaras, along with the İzmir State Symphony Orchestra, presents a concert at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, under the baton of conductor Hakan Şensoy, following Dalaras' first, deeply moving collaboration with the Orchestra two years ago in Izmir at the Ahmed Adnan Seygun Arts Center. That concert had been part of the cultural collaboration with the Municipality of Izmir and Nea Smyrni (a.k.a. New Izmir), entitled Izmir-Nea Smyrni: Bridges of Culture.

The concert will include a selection of songs by Greek composers, Mediterranean ballads, traditional songs and a tribute to Apostolos Kaldaras’ Asia Minor. Aspasia Stratigou will lend her vocals. Arrangements will be provided by Kostas Ganoselis, a close collaborator of Dalaras throughout his collaborations with symphony orchestras across the globe. Major Greek soloists and the Melodoi choir, conducted by Giorgos Ziakas, will also be featured.