Thom Luz

Girl from the Fog Machine Factory

A modern fairytale with a magical finale that was chosen by the 56th Theatertreffen - Berliner Festspiele as one of the 10 remarkable productions of the year. The new performance of Swiss artist Thom Luz, whose atmospheric productions are noted for their music and breathtaking imagery, tackles the most elusive aspects of human experience by clinging to that most ephemeral of materials: artificial fog. How can someone hold onto something constantly in flux? Is there any place for poetry in a world increasingly regulated by the laws of the market? Once upon a time, a small fog machine factory on the outskirts of the city was struggling to make ends meet in the midst of economic recession. In an attempt to save his factory from extinction, the owner and his staff begin to experiment, creating waterfalls made of fog, phosphorescent seas of mist, musical smokes, planetary rings, foggy replicas of famous artworks by Rodin, Giacometti and Böcklin. Soon, the factory is completely enveloped in smoke. The only sound remaining is an invisible string trio, using the factory as a rehearsal space. Time comes to a standstill. When the landscape clears out, everything has vanished and the factory has closed down. Only the machines are left behind, still giving birth to fog and dreaming of one day becoming humans themselves.

With Greek and English surtitles

23 June / Post-performance talk with the director and the cast