Invisible Tours
A different kind of a city walk with the street paper Shedia

For some people the ‘street’ signifies much more than a simple route it also signifies the loss of a safe home. In Invisible Tours, a project run by the street paper Shedia, homeless people or people who used to be homeless and are currently street vendors of Shedia will give visitors a tour through some of the most important social and solidarity institutions in downtown Athens (soup kitchens, homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation centres, day centres). As is the case with other social tours organized by street papers all over the world (Munich, Hamburg, London, Barcelona, Prague etc.), the guides will provide information on the services offered by each institution, on how they themselves have experienced or are still experiencing homelessness, on the efforts made against poverty and social exclusion, drawing personal narratives and to the belief that “at the end of the road there is always hope.”

Monday & Wednesday 18:00 – 20:00.

Starting point: Shedia offices – Final point: Omonia Square (Bus stop bound for Peiraios 260)

Sunday 11:00 - 13:00.

Starting point: Shedia offices – Final point: Omonia Square


A group of 3-15 persons

Booking is required