Pantelis Flatsousis

Kypseli – New Kids on the Block
Documentary theatre performance based on interviews with Kypseli residents

Pantelis Flatsousis’s creative career has been linked with the Kypseli neighbourhood in Athens. His recent adaptation of Georg Büchner’s Leonce and Lena at the KET was met with widespread acclaim. As part of the Opening to the City, Flatsousis undertakes a unique project linked to this year’s Festival’s tribute to children. Based on narratives by children living in Kypseli, this performance will shed light on the everyday life and history of this neighbourhood through the eyes of children of various ethnic backgrounds. The performance that is to be presented at the historic building of the 15th Athens Hich School will tackle the following questions: What do children think about their life in the area? How do they experience the world of adults? How is their life affected by the growing sociopolitical tensions of the last few years? There is also a number of questions linked to theatre itself: What are the limits of theatre? How does go about creating a performance with adult themes, with an adult audience in mind, featuring an all-children cast?

Promenade performance

Up to 50 spectators at a time.

Tickets provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Audiences are recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.