Loneliness – The generosity of the homeless
In collaboration with the Piraeus Municipal Theatre

Institutions: Club for Unesco of Piraeus and Islands

Group: Homeless people of Piraeus

An installation/performance held in a select public space, with a parallel event interrogating the meaning of ‘home’ as perceived by homeless persons. The work will highlight the human need for security, friendship, solidarity and care, not only in the form of material comfort but also as an emotional value.

Humankinds, a programme of events organized by the Piraeus Municipal Theatre and its artistic director, Nikos Diamantis, taps into the rich reserve of values, lived history and personal testimonies found across the various communities of Piraeus. Artistic groups from different fields (theatre, literature, visual arts, artistic educational, music) collaborate with social institutions in Piraeus, approaching select social groups. Together with the participants, they design and present a work conveying their own outlook of life through their own perspective.

The Holy Bible as the context

The programme is structured around the fundamental human values pervading all civilizations and constituting the moral, ontological and existential heritage of humanity, beyond any cultural, geographical, historic and other distinctions. The Holy Bible is the foundational text of dissemination and bequeathing of these values in the West. Every event included in the programme will be enriched by a Biblical text, illuminating the content and values of the event.