Zoi Xanthopoulou

Marios Hakkas: “No retouches, please. I want reality”

Marios Hakkas (1931-1972), one of the most important modern Greek writers, spent his life in Kaisairiani, an area which left its mark on his life, his consciousness and his work. Hakkas’ short stories are at once deeply personal, political and existential in nature. This performance will bring Hakkas’ world to life through the city he loved and the places he lived. Incorporating excerpts from Hakkas’ short stories, poems and plays, the performance will combine narrative, live music on stage and accounts from locals, in order to address Hakkas’ impressive body of work, interspersed with biographical information about this major but often overlooked writer. Zoi Xanthopoulou, an actress and director, active in Greece and abroad, traces the melancholy, humour, existential quest, loneliness and irony pervading Hakkas’ texts. Hakkas’ language embraces the city and its people.

The performance will be based on Hakkas’ Complete Works (Kedros Publishing, 2016) and will be realized in collaboration with the locals of Kaisairiani. Reseach for Hakkas and his work is conducted in collaboration with the writer’s nephew, Giorgos Hakas.

The title is a reference to Marios Hakkas’ play Quest