Nowy Teatr - Krzysztof Warlikowski

We Are Leaving
based on Hanoch Levin’s Suitcase Packers 

Krzysztof Warlikowski, enfant terrible of Polish avantgarde theatre, once again adapts one of his favourite playwrights in a new performance scheduled to premiere in Warsaw in June 2018. Following the hugely successful Krum, based on Hanoch Levin’s play of the same title (presented at Athens Festival 2008 and recipient of the European Theatre Award), Warlikowski once again dives into the Israeli playwright’s universe. In We Are Leaving, the director focuses on all those individuals forced to choose between two different things: either resign themselves to their fate and die or pack up their things and leave as far as away as possible – destination unknown. Levin’s text serves as a platform upon which this performance will come to life. The production features Warlikowski’s ‘orchestra,’ his ensemble of brilliant actors who have been working with the director for years. Even in times of peace, our life is not necessarily peaceful: that’s why we are often compelled to ‘leave,’ as this new performance seems to suggest: “So, we are leaving! It won’t be easy, but there will be no compromises. It’s high time we go! Let’s leave right now!”

With Greek surtitles