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Proton Theatre - Kornél Mundruczó

Imitation of Life

Hungarian master of theatre and film (White God) and artistic director of Proton Theatre, Kornél Mundruczó, raises a crucial question: can we control our fate or is it set in stone?
In Budapest, an executor shows up at a woman’s apartment, intent on evicting her. Ultimately, the man will have to confront his own conscience, as well as encounter the apartment’s dark secrets. Caught in a life of ingrained habits, the characters live an “imitation of life,” as evidenced by the title. The apartment serves as the microcosm of a marginalized section of society, a class of people for whom injustice is to be taken for granted and even anticipated.

With Greek surtitles

Post-performance talk on 20 June
Moderated by Georgina Kakoudaki, artistic co-curator of Athens & Epidaurus Festival for educational programmes