The Little Things Orchestra - Christos Theodoridis

The Tragedy of King Richard III
by William Shakespeare

In August 2012, the remains of the most misunderstood king in English history, Richard III, were found under a parking lot in Leicester, following persistent efforts by archaeologists. The last English king to die in battle was finally buried properly, 527 years after his demise. His original ‘burial’ site suggests the idea people must have had of him in his lifetime: immoral, greedy, dishonourable, power-hungry, a tainting influence for his contemporaries. His inner ugliness perfectly matched his physical appearance. Deformed, hunchbacked, repulsive, shapeless: all of the above have been historically verified.

Following Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Christopher Marlowe’s The Massacre at Paris (the latter electrified audiences at Athens Festival 2016 and again in 2017), the Little Things Orchestra, one of the most acclaimed Greek theatre groups, completes its Elizabethan ‘trilogy’ with Richard III in a new Greek translation by Izabela Konstantinidou. The Orchestra will primarily focus on the interplay of language, movement, and music. Christos Theodoridis’ directorial approach will establish a connection between Shakespeare’s poetics and the historic facts, contrasting the failure of language with the inevitability of actions.

With Greek and English surtitles