Aphrodite* / Her* stories, her* bodies, her* politics, her* languages, her* images 2018-06-15T13:58:38+00:00

Sofia Dona, Sofia Bempeza, Vassiliea Stylianidou, Beaver women’s collective and AMOQA (Athens Museum of Queer Arts)

Aphrodite* / Her* stories, her* bodies, her* politics, her* languages, her* images

On Saturday, June 16, in case of rain, the screenings scheduled for Saturday will be held at Erigonis 3, Kato Petralona, at the AMOQA building.
On Sunday, June 17, in case of unstable weather, the screenings scheduled for that day will be held at Eirgonis 3, Kato Petralona, at the AMOQA building.

Screenings, workshops, lectures

Four days of film screenings, video performances, documentaries, workshops and discussions on the relationship between contemporary art and gender performativity, the main objective being to empower diverse discourses on feminist and queer practices in Athens. The programme tackles several themes, including the artistic and political dimensions/properties of the body, the politicization of gendered bodies and identities, and social and political activism, to name a few.
The project is named after the open-air cinema "Aphrodite," located at the Roof district in Athens, where Beaver and AMOQA have been active since 2012 and 2015 respectively, organizing discussions and events on gender, sexuality, race, class and disability issues. Aphrodite* attempts to kick-start an annual meeting on a local and international level, bringing together groups active in the area.
Co-curators include architect and visual artist Sofia Dona, member of the architectural group hiboux and the visual arts group Errands; Zurich-based artist and art theorist Sofia Bempeza; Athens and Berlin-based visual artist Vassiliea Stylianidou, founder of the independent collaborative project STUDIOvisits Berlin; AMOQA (Athens Museum of Queer Arts); the all-women Beaver collective; Cinenova (London), and Schwules Museum* (Berlin).

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Free admission with daily vouchers. Vouchers will be available approximately 1 hours before screening at the Greek Film Archive - Lais Open Air Cinema and Anoixeos Park.
Entrance at 20:30. Screening will start at 21:00.
After screening starts, admission will be allowed only during intermission, provided there are available seats.
Suitable for audiences 18 and over.