The Little Things Orchestra

The Massacre at Paris
by Christopher Marlowe

After Hamlet, the Little Things Orchestra continues its research into the on-stage ‘moment’ of the Elizabethan theatre, opting this time for one of its most enigmatic and misunderstood works. Casting aside the rules governing drama in the Elizabethan theatre, Christopher Marlowe’s Massacre at Paris isn’t squeamish about letting European blood flow.
In one of History’s most brutal moments, Catholic Parisians massacred around 3000 Huguenots (French Protestants) on Saint Bartholomew’s day. That night, everyone had just one of two roles: they could slaughter or they could be slaughtered as faith, fear and hate cast a long, dark shadow over humanity. Everything gets distorted when ambition tries to pass itself off as love. The production uses the play’s fast-moving, almost cinematic, plot to bring out the poetry behind the action and focuses on the endless cycle of violence through its movement and music.