Toneelgroep Amsterdam - Ivo van Hove

After the Rehearsal – Persona
Stage adaptation of two Ingmar Bergman films

The internationally acclaimed Belgian director Ivo van Hove, one of the leading artists of contemporary European theatre, adapts two Bergman films for the stage. Having carefully studied the Swedish master’s rich filmography and with other Bergman adaptations under his belt, in the diptych After the Rehearsal - Persona, Ivo van Hove examines the tension between fantasy and reality. Intensity, an uncompromising will, and a deep understanding of the human condition pervade these two works, examining how art gives meaning to our lives and to society as a whole. On a virtually bare stage and in his minimal style, Ivo van Hove anatomizes two stories. In After the Rehearsal, director Hendrik Vogler organizes his daily schedule around his rehearsals. His life is completely enveloped by his work. The rehearsals are like notes in his personal diary and the performances form his autobiography. However, life and reality cannot be kept at bay. Love, decay and death seep into his bastion in the form of Anna and Rachel. In Persona, an actress suddenly stops speaking halfway through a performance. In her mind, a short circuit occurs between the roles she plays in real life and the ones she plays on stage. Once again, real life intrudes, violently wrenching individuals away from the safe onstage role-playing. The actress’ clash with other people’s expectations and the deep crisis that ensues will also affect the doctor and nurse who are charged with taking care of her.

With Greek surtitles

Post-performance talk on 2 June
Moderated by Georgina Kakoudaki, artistic co-curator of Athens & Epidaurus Festival for educational programmes