Yannis Kokkos

Oedipus at Colonus
by Sophocles

Oedipus, close to the end of his life, seeks the temple of Athena at Colonus. The Chorus attempts to drive him out. However, King Theseus pardons him and allows him to stay, both because he is a suppliant and because Oedipus promises to repay the kindness if they allow him to have Colonus as his final resting place. Creon arrives from Thebes to claim Oedipus; however, his efforts are met with resistance by Theseus and the citizens of Athens. Polynices also arrives in Athens and asks his father to take his side in the upcoming battle against Eteocles. Oedipus curses both his sons. Suddenly, Zeus’ thunder signifies that the time has come for Oedipus to meet his end. Oedipus, accompanied by Theseus, proceeds to his burying place, blessing Athens and Theseus for their hospitality.