Culture and environmental protection are two concepts that go hand in hand. In 2020, a year full of challenges, the Athens & Epidaurus launched a major initiative combining ecological sensitivity with love for the arts and respect for iconic ancient theatre venues. This project focuses on reducing waste and highlighting the importance of recycling in the context of the Festival events. The Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HERRCO) serves as the Festival’s main partner in this endeavour.

The well-known blue recycle bins were placed at the Festival’s performance venues, both at the Odeon of the Herodes Atticus and at the Epidaurus theatres, giving visitors the opportunity to discard plastic bottles and other recyclable packaging, following the ushers’ instructions. The collected materials were subsequently transported at material recovery facilities through special routes, under the responsibility of HERRCO. Furthermore, part of these materials will be utilised in special events set to be presented to the public in the context of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2021. The initiative is carried out in cooperation with HERRCO, following the principles of material reuse, as part of Circular Economy.

But this was not the only such initiative realised this year.

The Athens & Epidaurus Festival staff also attended an environmental education workshop held in collaboration with the Ecological Recycling Society.

Last but not least, this year, as in previous years, we held initiatives aiming to reduce the detrimental effect of posters on the environment, collecting and recycling Festival posters after the end of performances, in cooperation with the Birdland Social Cooperative Enterprise.