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International Summer School on Ancient Drama

The Epidaurus Lyceum, is an international summer school of ancient drama studies and practice located in the area of ancient Epidaurus …


he 2018 thematic axis entitled “City and the Citizen” [2], will apply to the performances scheduled to take place at the two theatres of Epidaurus and the Lyceum’s programme, emphasizing the two-way relationship of the City (Polis) and the citizen, inspired by the dimension the theatrical works of the golden age of the Athenian Democracy offer through their content and form, and the way these plays are connected with the contemporary globalised world.


LOCATION: Open air spaces, close to Epidaurus’s surrounding nature, will be used for the workshops in order to liberate the teaching process from a customary indoors practice, thus enhancing educational benefits and the students’ experience and theatre practice.


Students of Theatre Academies, Drama Schools, Dance Schools, Performing Arts Universities and young actors from around the world.

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