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The present website and its content are the intellectual property of HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. and falls under the Law 2121/1993, as defined by international copyright and intellectual property laws, incorporated in the national law of Greece.
The HELLENIC Festival S.A. is the sole proprietor and legal content manager of the present website.
Website visitors and users should be aware that any files or data found on the website may be the intellectual property of third parties (institutions and artists collaborating with or otherwise affiliated with the Festival) and may not be used without the express and written permission of said institutions and artists.
Defined as “content” are, without exception, all texts, images, photographs, designs, graphics, videos, applications, logos, brands, business names, trademarks and other similar features found on the website.
Before browsing through the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. website and making use of its services, visitors and users should first read and accept the terms and conditions, which apply for all content found on the website, including all pages, graphics, images, photographs, and files. Visitors who do not agree with the terms and conditions should refrain from visiting the website and making use of its services.
Website visitors and users should adhere to Greek, European, and international telecommunication laws and refrain from any illegal and unfair uses of the website’s content. Unfair competition practices and practices violating NETIQUETTE (etiquette of Internet users) are expressly prohibited.
Website visitors and users accept responsibility for any damage caused by their potentially unfair or improper use of the website’s services. The HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. holds no responsibility for any damage whatsoever inflicted on visitors or users with regards to their use of the website’s services. Visitors and users are responsible for their personal use of the website’s services and are aware of the website’s terms and conditions.
Sale, amendment, storage, reproduction, uploading, downloading, republication, sharing, distribution or redistribution, publication, execution, development, translation, and mirroring of the website, entirely or in parts, are strictly prohibited for all uses (non-profit or otherwise), except for visitors’ and users’ private use.


The HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. does its best to ensure that the content found on the website is as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, visitors and users are recommended to regularly check the website for possible changes.
The HELLENIC Festival S.A. does not guarantee and is, therefore, not responsible for the content of other websites to which it may lead through hyperlinks or advertising banners, as well for the potentially false or fragmentary information found on any such websites. In no case is the Festival website responsible for other websites’ content.


Website visitors and users who wish to be provided with an e-mail service should submit an application form with their personal information. Subscribers regularly receive newsletters, press releases etc. However, subscribers have no access to the copyrights of the material they receive. In case of illegal/unfair use, the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. retains the right to discontinue subscriptions.


Any personal information submitted by website visitors and users is managed and protected, as defined by the Greek law (2472/1997, 207/1998, 79/2000 and 2819/2000) and the European law (95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).
Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of legal authorities in certain cases, as specified by law. The HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. retains an archive of personal information exclusively for reasons of communication, statistics, and future improvement of its provided services. Website users and visitors retain the right, at any given moment, to contact the relevant Festival department and ask for their personal information to be removed, corrected, or otherwise revised.
Minors have access to the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. website, presumably with the consent of their parents/legal guardians. Minors are not obligated to provide their personal information.
The HELLENIC FESTIVAL A.E. receives and stores users’ personal data exclusively with website services in mind, in service of website visitors. Personal data is stored in strict accordance with current law provisions. Personal data is received by the credit/bank institutions through which users purchase tickets. To access their right as asserted by the law 2472/1997, users can contact the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. at +30 210 32 72 000 or send an email at tickets@greekfestival.gr.


The present terms and conditions bind the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. and the website users. No revisions apply unless expressly written and incorporated in the present text.
The HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. retains the right to revise, add, withdraw, or abbreviate any information on the website, in order to accommodate the needs of its visitors and users.
In case of a disagreement, the applicable law is the Greek law. The Athens Courts are the competent courts.


Terms of ticket purchase are complementary to the website’s Terms and Conditions. Tickets purchased for specific HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. performances allow purchasers to attend said performances and are subject to any extra terms that may appear on the ticket.


Tickets can be purchased through the website of Ticketmaster exclusively by charging users’ credit card. Transaction can be conducted with credit cards Visa® and MasterCard®. The Ticketmaster ticketing website makes use of the most up-to-date and well-established security policies regarding transactions and users’ personal data. Specifically, the Ticketmaster services provide:

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for safely transferring data inside an environment
  • Specialized security mechanisms (Firewall), for protecting saved data in the Ticketmaster website
  • State-of-the-art technology for ensuring the excellence and availability of the Ticketmaster website
  • One-Click-Pay (tokenization service)

All transactions conducted through www.ticketmaster.gr are governed by international and European regulations about e-commerce and also by the consumer production law (Law 2251/1994) regulating distance selling.

Payment for products and services provided through the Ticketmaster website is exclusively made by charging users’ credit cards. Credit cards are charged only after tickets are booked and the online transaction is successfully completed. The Ticketmaster website has taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of credit card transactions. If a credit card cannot be charged for whatever reason, the booking is automatically cancelled.


If website users do not receive a booking confirmation message through the website confirmation page after sending their data to complete the transaction, or if an error message appears or if the service is interrupted while users are sending their data, it is users’ responsibility to contact Ticketmaster in order to be informed about whether their transaction was completed or not. Ticketmaster does not accept responsibility for any loss, of money or otherwise, that users may experience in case users have not, for whatever reason, received a booking confirmation message and transaction confirmation message.


After the online transaction is successfully completed, an e-mail message is delivered to the e-mail account that website users have submitted containing a) the purchased ticket(s) as attached PDF files, and b) the receipt for providing ticketing-related services.

For admission to performance venues, visitors are required to a) display their tickets in physical or electronic form on the ticket counter, and to b) display any documentation pertaining to concession tickets. Visitors are advised to be at the performance venues at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the performances.

Visitors may also choose to receive their tickets from the venue box offices or by courier service with an extra charge of 3,5 euros.


Customers’ private data during their visit at the Ticketmaster website are managed and protected according to the current legal provisions of the Greek law (Law 2472 / 1997, Π.δ. 207 / 1998. Π.δ. 79 / 2000 και αρ. 8 Ν. 2819 / 2000), and the European law ( Οδ. 95/46/ΕΚ and Οδ. 97/66/ΕΚ).


Following the completion of the transaction, ticket change or refunding are no longer possible. Lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets cannot be refunded/replaced.


The HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. has taken the best measures possible to ensure website users’ security and all online services. More specifically, the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. has taken all recommended measures to protect the website from viruses, illegal and/or unauthorized uses, and any unauthorized ticket sales and hyperlinks. It cannot, however, guarantee that the website enjoys a presence that is continuous and free of errors. The HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. will do its best to make sure that the information provided on the website is as complete and accurate as possible, without however being able to guarantee that this is always the case. Website users must acknowledge that the Festival programme as published on the website is subject to change for reasons unrelated to the Festival, for example, in the case of artists’ illness or other difficulties. In no case is the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. responsible for any damages whatsoever inflicted on users during their visit on the website and their use of its services.


Each purchased ticket grants admission to one person only and is valid exclusively for the date, performance and seat number for which it has been issued. If these requirements are not met, ticket owners cannot be admitted to the performance.

The following restrictions apply:

–              Audience members cannot be admitted into the venue after the start of the performance.
–              Ticket refunding is not allowed unless the performance is postponed or cancelled (see below).
–              Smoking, eating and drinking in all performance venues is not allowed.
–              Taking pictures, with or without the use of flash, and recording (audiotaping or videotaping) during the performance are not allowed.
–              Admission to children under the age of six is not allowed.
–              Tipping is not allowed.
–              Visitors are not allowed to wear shoes which may potentially damage historically significant venues (pointy heels are expressly prohibited at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus)

Requirements for admission to the performance venues:

–              Visitors must display their ticket (in electronic or digital form) upon admission.
–              Visitors with concessions are required to display their ID card upon admission.
–              Mobile phones must be turned off during the performance.

If a performance is postponed due to a strike, state prohibition, technical reasons, adverse weather etc., the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. retains the right to re-schedule the performance, moving it into a new date, hour and performance venue.

If a performance is cancelled, all tickets are refunded within a reasonable amount of time. Refund locations are announced by the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A.

In all such cases, only the nominal value/price of the ticket is refunded. Any extra charges per ticket, which cover the ticketing services provided by Ticketmaster, are not refunded.

No refunding is provided if a performance is interrupted halfway through due to adverse weather conditions.

Official ticket sale locations of the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. are: its box offices; phone centre; the Ticketmaster website and physical points of sale affiliated with Ticketmaster. Therefore, HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. and Ticketmaster bear no responsibility for any tickets purchased beyond the aforementioned avenues, the accuracy and validity of which cannot be guaranteed by the HELLENIC FESTIVAL S.A. and Ticketmaster. Purchasers must be held responsible for any tickets purchased through resales outside of the official sales network.