Arkadi Zaides


Born in Belarus, Arkadi Zaides immigrated to Israel at the age of 11 and currently lives in France. TALOS is the result of a two-year research involving Zaides and his team of choreographers, dramaturgs, video artists and AI experts. The performance examines the relation between movement, innovative technologies and the future of borders. Zaides' production is named after the eponymous project, funded by ten EU countries between the years 2008-2013, tasked with protecting European land borders.
In the vein of Zaides' previous performances, TALOS is conceived as a lecture-performance, raising crucial questions such as: What kind of choreographies arise in the proximity of borders? How do strategies of restriction manipulate the human body, thus constituting a new choreography? At the back of the stage, scenes based on real footage and made-up material are displayed on a screen. TALOS is named after Talos, the automaton guarding Europa in ancient Greek mythology.

With Greek surtitles

Post-performance talk on 4 June, with A. Zaides, Efi Latsoudi (Lesvos Solidarity) and Kostis Papaioannou (former Secretary General for Human Rights)
Moderated by Steriani Tsintziloni, artistic co-curator 
for Dance of Athens & Epidaurus Festival