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The Institute of Global Loneliness
Ιnspired by Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain

30th June performance: Cancelled

The Institute of Global Loneliness is inspired by Thomas Mann’s classic novel The Magic Mountain. Drawing on the book’s atmosphere, the “blitz” group writes and directs the story of a group of people who voluntarily admit themselves to a strange institute, isolated from the rest of the world, in the hope of being cured of the virus of loneliness that plagues humanity. A few of them have been inmates for a number of years. Others believe they won’t stay there long. Several patients are happy just being there, arguing that one can introspect more quietly when lonely. The production depicts the characters’ daily schedules, their exercises against loneliness, their confessions about their lives, the games they conceive to pass the time, their late-night conversations. The Institute of Global Solitude is an absurd comedy about loneliness in the city and loneliness under an empty sky, loneliness in Europe and isolation in the West, and solitude as a prerequisite for an awareness of the mysteries of time and life.