Over the rainbow - Dora Androulidaki

Drag Queen Story Hour_Αthens Chapter

Dora Androulidaki, a founding member of the Berlin-based “Over the rainbow,” a production company specializing in children-friendly and family-friendly educational events in cooperation with the LGBTQ Berlin community, now presents Drag Queen Story Hour - Athens Chapter.

Drag Queen Story Hour is an original educational and entertainment project first launched in San Francisco in 2015 by the author and activist Michelle Tea, the main concept of which is that drag artists narrate stories about diversity. The programme, held at schools, libraries and festivals in many cities across the globe, aims to bolster children’s empathy and to fight social stereotypes. Narratives are used as an educational tool accessible to children of all age groups and also to adults, making this a truly family-friendly project.

At the Athens Chapter, the Over the rainbow group will collaborate with Greek drag artists, creating one-hour programme split into three sections. In the first section, drag performers will introduce themselves to parents and children, explain the art of drag, answer questions and encourage children to come up with their own drag personas. In the second section, short stories, both translated and originally written for the project, suited to the needs of the programme, will be narrated to the children. In the final section, parents and children will sing together and celebrate diversity along with the artists.


Audience discretion: Admission tickets can be obtained via contact with boxoffice@greekfestival.gr. Adults are admitted to the workshop on condition that they accompany one or more minors.