In Real Time

A Day Full of Dancing

For an entire day, Peiraios 260 is devoted to dancing and the variety of experiences it can offer us. A series of events (open classes, discussions, screenings) will take over open-air and closed spaces, culminating in a dance party! Artists and audiences, young and old, can unlock different aspects of dancing which are of interest to them. An invitation open to everybody.

Peiraios 260, Ε
Dance classes for everybody
For professionals and amateurs alike, by Angeliki Stellatou and Yannis Nikolaidis
12:30-14:00 Angeliki Stellatou
17:00-20:00 Yannis Nikolaidis

Peiraios 260, courtyard
Ephemeral dance archive - a different kind of exhibition
Choreographers, dancers, dance professionals provide material (programmes, booklets, photos etc.), jointly f creating an ephemeral dance archive regarding dance in Greece, accessible for the public for that day only.

Peiraios 260, Ε
Ten Against Thebes
A screening of the taped performance by the Dance Workshop of the Greek National Opera that was held at the Penitentiary in Eleonas, Thebes.
For the second year in a row, the Alternative Scene and the Educational and Social Initiative of the Greek National Opera held the Dance Workshop at the Penitentiary of Eleonas. The Women Prisoners Dance Group will give a short introduction to the history of modern and contemporary dance. The participants will fearlessly, passionately, and joyously explore works by major choreographers. The videotaped end product of this project, the performance Ten Against Thebes will premiere at the Athens Festival. Post-screening talk with the project manager Chara Kotsali and Katerina Spyropoulou will follow.

Peiraios 260, Ε
Meeting choreographers – a different performance
Common questions, specific time, various materials.
A wonderful chance for meeting contemporary dance choreographers through an organized, yet also playful, performance of sorts.
With the participation of the following choreographers: Maria Gorgia, Mariana Kavallieratos, Iris Karayan, Euripides Laskaridis, Androniki Marathaki, Christos Papadopoulos, Agni Papadeli Rossetou and Iro Apostolelli.

Peiraios260, D - Garden

Party with DJ set by Jerome Kaluta

Free admission all day long