Mapa Teatro

La Despedida

Combining theatre, installation and audiovisual material, La Despedida (Spanish for farewell) is the last part of the project Anatomy of Violence in Colombia, examining the different facets of violence in Colombia. Heidi Abderhalden and her brother Rolf, directors of Mapa Teatro, present their own version of the ghost of Colombian revolution on a stage reminiscent of a plot of equatorial forest.
Late 2016: After 52 years of conflict, a peace agreement is signed between the Colombian government and the oldest guerrilla group in South America, the Fuerzas armadas revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC). Suddenly, the camps of FARC open to journalists from around the world. Converted into ethnographic museums, their exhibits include the icons, objects and practices of a revolution that never happened. After half a century of war, the arrival of Peace marks the end of an utopia, a farewell to the oldest revolutionary dream in Latin America.

With Greek surtitles

Post-performance talk on 5 July