Thanassis Chalkias

She Was Moved by Movies
based on the novella by Hernán Rivera Letelier

She Was Moved by Movies, a site-specific performance held at beloved open-air cinemas in Athens, is based on the novella La contadora de películas (The Movie Teller) by the Chilean writer Hernán Rivera Letelier (Antipodes Publishing, trans. Lena Frangopoulou). The title character is a poor young girl living in the nitrate settlements in Chile, built by the big foreign nitrate mining companies in the Atacama Desert. The girl develops a special bond with cinema: her parents, unable to afford more than one ticket, dispatch her to the movies regularly so she can watch movies and then come back and narrate the plot to them. The girl’s admirable narrative and performing skills slowly mesmerize the entire village, becoming the jewel in the rather cheap crown that is her life.

The performance, directed by the actor and acting coach Thanassis Chalkias, consistently active in recent years as a director, will be set before an open-air movie screen. Various modes of narration, combining theatre genres and fusing theatre with cinema, will be used. Three actors by turns perform and narrate, sing and imitate, identify and distance themselves. They are born out of the screen and, in turn, give birth to it, enacting this simple yet exotic, real yet fairytale-like, comic yet tragic story, above all celebrating the power of narratives.