Vasso Kamaratou - Kostas Koutsolelos

Summer Swimming

Summertime. It's sweltering. Everybody's planning their vacation, where they will spend it, with whom, wondering whether they'll have a good time. Two actors have been left behind at the Hall E of Peiraios 260, at Athens Festival, preparing a performance of Summer Swimming. They constantly talk, trying to make it through yet another show... They talk about summer, theatre, the agony of being an actor and having a job, of being likable. They discuss their lives, anxieties, dreams. Above all, they talk about joy. The joy of a life we'd all like to have, but nobody has a clue where this life is. It's not to be found in theatre, though.

Vasso Kamaratou and Kostas Koutsolelos, two actors and dramatists who have been distinguished in recent years for their imaginative and original style, do not opt for a canonical text. They compose an entirely original performance based on the simple, commonplace small talk that people use to pass the time.

The performance contains language