Last summer, Mark Hadjipateras’ Building Hope won over the little ones who visited Peiraios 260. An interactive work of art/installation for children, which remained at the Peiraios 260 courtyard throughout the Athens & Epidaurus Festival active season, Building Hope was note for its unique, joyous vibe.

Building Hope is now donated by the Festival to the Eleonas Refugee Camp, a camp for refugee families, where it is widely expected that this singular work of art will bring joy to refugee children. This new home of Building Hope in Eleonas is a wish come true for the artist and had also been suggested by Vangelis Theodoropoulos, former Artistic Director of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, as well as embraced by the current Artistic Director, Katerina Evangelatos.

To date, only half of the installation has been transported to Eleonas, as the rest of it has been loaned to the 2nd Athens International Children’s Film Festival and will exhibited at the Athens Concert Hall, at the Mitropoulos Hall foyer, until 24 November. Subsequently, this half will also be carried over to Eleonas to join the rest of the installation.